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Post by 34017 Ilfracombe on Tue Jun 09, 2009 8:03 am

On Loan. wrote:I thought I'd put this one in and see who responds to it.

This was the shed that "On Loan" started at as a scrawny little kid of just 15!
By then it had already lost it's individual identity of 74E and placed under Guildford, but so many old drivers fought hard to retain their proud traditions.
I have very happy memories of the old shed, it's crews and staff. It was a real 'family' shed, with a fair variety of work.

Being a former SECR shed, many of the old boys were from Kent and London, who had moved there from places like Dover, Ashford, Ramsgate and Margate. They used to resist the practices of the LSWR men in such matters as oiling, driving and disposal techniques.
We also had a fair smattering of ex-LBSC drivers. Again, they had their own quirks and styles.

How many of the former staff are still alive now? I only know of about 7-8, mostly from my era or older.

Let's see who picks the thread up, then some stories can be told!

I cannot remember Reading South Shed, have never worked in there
But I have PM you.
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