34038 Lynton

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34038 Lynton

Post by Holland Afrika on Fri Oct 14, 2011 1:09 am

As many will recall locomotives often gained nicknames, some good and some not so flattering. I recall 34033 as Charlie Chard and 34004 not so cheerily as Yeovile!

Being young and irresponsible I take credit for naming 34038 as Stormy Lynton, a name that seemed very appropriate for a super engine that was about a lot near the end of steam. A number of the 'gang' got to know this epithet.

One afternoon I was filming at Brookwood when a Basingstoke stopper came in behind none other that 34038. Two nine year old boys on the platform jumped up and shouted out "Look it is Stormy Lynton"!! Names obviously stick.

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