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Welcome all to Nine Elms Forum - For all to discuss Empty Welcome all to Nine Elms Forum - For all to discuss

Post by 35005CP on Wed May 20, 2009 12:39 am

Hi all,

I would just like to thank all of those who have joined this forum. 34017 Ilfracombe has said this may take some time to get everyone together, but by all means please pass the link on and get all ex-railwaymen involved. And thanks to Bryan and my Dad for the the warm welcome and the thanks for setting this up. Also to my Dad who has advised me what he would like to be seen as in threads on this forum.
If anyone can think of something else that I may have missed out please let me know.
You can contact me via PM or via email, which is andyacook@talktalk.net

Just to say to everyone have fun and enjoy the discussions, I have not designed this to be like other forums.

All the best

Andy Cook(Alias Admin) Wink

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Welcome all to Nine Elms Forum - For all to discuss Empty Re: Welcome all to Nine Elms Forum - For all to discuss

Post by 34017 Ilfracombe on Wed May 20, 2009 2:28 am

I have, just emailed one of the members, whom started the main web - site of Nine Elms, and stated our case, and what we are trying to achieve. Here is the main extract.


my eldest Son, whom is a trainee fireman on the Mid- Hants and loves Steam, has designed a Forum, for Nine Elms, and the other Sheds; and the Enginemen. I am well aware of our Nine Elms Website, and I personally believe working in conjunction with one another, that we will achieve more history, and share it between both sites; before its lost forever. It will give the chance for Enginemen to state their Enginemens Tales, speaking with one another, and your (or our) main one can put in what they decide. If with your approval, that we can distribute the forums address, then, I believe if they join, it will bring us closer together. But, xxx I need your approval, as you have done the hard work, in bringing us all together. The address is


I hope you will look at it, and join, because, im sure that you have many tales to tell, especially when I was your regular fireman

I have left names out on purpose, until authorisation from that person is given. For which I hope they give their full support!
34017 Ilfracombe
34017 Ilfracombe

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