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Model Railway Layout Thread Empty Model Railway Layout Thread

Post by 35005CP on Tue Sep 20, 2011 2:49 am

Hi all,
I thought seeing as there hasn't been a thread about model Railways, that I would create a thread.
I thought that I would firstly start off with a question of which I hope somebody can answer. I have just recently acquired a board with some track. unfortunately I don't have any room for this in the flat we live in, but we do have a garage with some room. The only problem is that there isn't any electricity in there. But i have come up with an idea and this is the possible use of a Car battery to run it?? If I were to buy a controller and disconnect the plug, would this work from the battery terminals? Also how much hours usage would you possibly get if this were to work?
I hope somebody can come back to me with the answers??
Many Thanks

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Model Railway Layout Thread Empty Re: Model Railway Layout Thread

Post by truckersteve on Sat May 19, 2012 9:05 am

Your main problem could be the 16v AC supply needed to work point motors. Gaugemaster produce separate controllers and transformers but, I believe, the transformer's output is 16v AC and the controller's input 16v AC. I may be wrong. Have a look at their web-site. I've also been told, by wiser heads than me, that the method of varying the speed of the locomotive is no longer a simple potentiometer varying the voltage but by maintaining the voltage at 12v DC and pulsing it, increasing the pulse frequency to increase the speed.

I see this post is about 10 months old so you may have solved the problem by now. If you have I'd be interested in the outcome as I'm thinking of moving my model railway out of the house into a shed and I don't want to go to the bother installing mains power. Being a super-hero I can operate a model railway in December shivering in the light of a Tilley lamp.

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