CIGS 421/422 Units

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CIGS 421/422 Units Empty CIGS 421/422 Units

Post by 35005CP on Thu May 28, 2009 4:19 am

A 4 CIG (Corridor Intermediate Guard) had a Second Trailer open and in my opinion looked and worked the best. These were introduced in 1964/65 and started out in the South Central region. These units marked the decline of the 1933 6-Pul Units.
The second phase of removing pre-nationalisation Southern EMU stock began to occur in 1970 with the delivery of a second batch of 4 Cig / 4 Big units for use on direct services to Portsmouth. These replaced the 4-CORS.
These units were based upon MK1 stock, although CEPS before refurbishment pretty much caried the same thing?

So any inofrmation on what i've posted can be discussed here. As these units to me are what i have known and become to love all the years i've been growing up.

Many Thanks


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CIGS 421/422 Units Empty Re: CIGS 421/422 Units

Post by 33110 on Thu May 28, 2009 6:59 am

The phase one CIG's had the electric parking brake, decent claw hand controller (tiny speedo), one brake cylinder (phase two's had four per motor bogie) and leaf springs on the motor coach. they also had decent interior sprung seat cushions (phase two's had foam squabs like the VEPs)

In their last days some came on cheap lease to the South Eastern (the white CIGs). By then they had the electric parking brake taken off and replaced by a standard manual version

When running in hard and cutting it fine on braking they would put you about half a coach further along the platform than a phase two (different motor coach brake force)


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