Std. Class 3 Tanks 82xxx

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Std. Class 3 Tanks 82xxx

Post by 35013 Blue Funnel on Sat Jun 25, 2011 1:06 am

I’ve just been asked if I could put something on the 9 Elms site about the project to build, from scratch, a Class 3 Std. tank to be numbered 82045. Many ex-Nine Elms men, myself included, will have worked on these excellent little tank engines on ECS between Clapham Carriage Sidings and Waterloo or on the ‘Kenny Belle’ and will, doubtless, appreciate how useful they would be on a preserved line – almost the perfect engine in many ways.

The 82045 project team is based on the Severn Valley Railway, at Bridgnorth, and they have already made excellent progress, frames have been cut and assembled, patterns have been made for the wheels, motion brackets have been cast, the smokebox saddle and the front drag box have been assembled and work is on going fitting the horn guides etc. The next step in the project is to build up the funds for the casting of the wheels, fitting them with tyres, pressing them on to the axles etc. This work is estimated to cost 150,000 pounds and is the current focus for fund-raising. The plan is for these works to take place over the next 12 to 18 months which will see 82045 become a rolling chassis. Copper for the firebox has already been purchased and once the engine is at the rolling chassis stage work will begin to build the firebox and boiler.

This is a fantastic opportunity to become part of a team creating a new engine and I would like to take this opportunity to invite visitors and contributors to the Nine Elms website to check-out and join the 82045 Locomotive Fund, of which I am a member and supporter.

One year membership is, currently 20 pounds and life membership is 350 pounds - for all the details of progress, on how you can help the project, and for a membership application form you can visit the 82045 project website at

Anyone wanting to know more can also contact me (Dropgrate) by email at: dave.wilson

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