When/Where Would you Blow Down

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When/Where Would you Blow Down

Post by 35005CP on Thu Jul 23, 2009 10:10 am

Hi all,

As the topic dipicts - When and where would you blow down? On Shed? How many whistles? And back in the good ole days where would you blow down? And on Preserved Lines?
Well there are 2 places on preserved lines where we get the loco either on the up or the down on the MHR from either Ropley to Alresford (Down) or to Alton/M4M the Up! And it's in the open air; or the farmer's field! Many sheep have stayed quiet with the blowdown of a Bulleid down these stretches! And I've been glad to be a part of them!! (the Bulleids, not the sheep)

Any exciting Stories, then it would be great to hear!!!



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